Fill-in Forms Instructions

Tax Court forms can be filled-in and saved/printed directly from Adobe Reader 3.0 (or later). However, the information entered on a form cannot be saved to your device unless you are using the full Adobe Acrobat software suite.

Clicking on a form link will launch the Adobe Reader plug-in and display the form within your browser window. From the browser window, be sure to save the form to a location on your device.

Filling-in the Form:

  • Launch Adobe Reader and open the form that you previously saved to your device.
  • Move the mouse pointer or click to select a blank field (e.g. Petitioner(s) name) on the form. The cursor will turn into a vertical beam, indicating that the field is editable.
  • Begin typing in the form field.
  • Repeat until all required form fields are completed.
  • When you have completed the form, click once on a blank area of the form to de-select the last active field. If a field is left active, the information it contains will not print.
  • Save the completed form to your device.
  • If you wish to print the form, click the print icon on the Acrobat toolbar.

Technical Questions?

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Other Questions?

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